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Left My Wallet: The return of Disco Inferno


'Left My Wallet' is back with a holiday edition featuring the return of Glenn Gilbertti, better known as Disco Inferno.

The holiday season is heating up and so is the playoff picture in the NFL as we head into the playoffs. Disco and I talk which teams are the most well rounded, who he thinks is currently the best team in the NFL, which teams are the most dangerous to higher seeds, and which games he is looking forward to the most this weekend. We also touch on why fantasy football is excruciatingly frustrating, DFS strategy, and his solution to have the best fantasy team win every year.

The talk then turns to the NBA as we discuss the Western Conference playoff picture, why the Lakers have been a surprise, NBA betting, and an amazing fact about this year's Toronto Raptors team.

Disco is not only a former tag team partner of our Bryan Alvarez, but he is one of the most knowledgable sports fans out there. It's some festive sports talk as we head into the weekend with one of the most entertaining, and controversial, personalities in wrestling today.

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