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Left My Wallet: Ring of Honor's Brian Milonas


Week 1 of the NFL season is in the books and here to talk all the goings on around the league is Ring of Honor superstar and one half of "The Bouncers", Brian Milonas!

Brian is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan and you'll hear his take on the lowly performance by his team vs. Cleveland this past Sunday. When does he think Le'Veon Bell will report to the team and do they need him?  What are his thoughts on Mike Tomlin? Find out as we do a deep dive into the tumultuous first week for the Steelers.

We also talk some fantasy football, why we love and hate it at the same time, surprises from around the league in week 1, players we like, players we don't, the Eric Dickerson and Dennis Miller days of Monday Night Football, Brian's appearances on Inside Edition, and so much more!

My fantasy teams and my 49ers may not have got off to a great start to the season, but regardless of what happened to your teams, this is a fun week one review which I know you'll love. If you're into hearing wrestling talent talk about pro sports, 'Left My Wallet' is the show for you.

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