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Left My Wallet: Simon Diamond


'I Left My Wallet In Greg Polanco' returns with former ECW and TNA star Simon Diamond, aka Pat Kenney.

Pat and I talk a whole lot of baseball as he was drafted by the San Diego Padres and went on to play four years at Virginia Commonwealth. The lifelong New York Yankees fan offers a player's perspective when analyzing players, their hot streaks, slumps, and approaches to the game.

We talk about the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry, the outlook for each team this year, and wrap things up with picks for division and wild card winners and for the World Series. I also tell of a story about meeting 2004 Red Sox icon Johnny Damon at a TNA PPV, a meeting that Pat helped facilitate.

Summer is just about here and the baseball season is already in full swing. We dissect, break down, and chat everything MLB in this fun episode which I know you'll love.

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