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Left My Wallet: Vinny vs. Producer Rob


Left My Wallet is back for a second show this week as I'm joined by Vinny Verhei and Producer Rob as we preview their big week 1 WO/FFO fantasy football league clash for Rob's fantasy football title belt!

As heard on Wednesday's Bryan, Vinny, and Craig show, Rob put his illustrious title on the line at the urging and taunting of Bryan Alvarez. There ws some heated trash talk, so I now have both competitors on the show to talk about their teams, to preview this week's matchup and, of course, trash talk. Vinny also discusses his thoughts on Antonio Brown, Julio Jones' contract status, and why Lamar Jackson is going to go off vs. the porous Miami defense.

We recorded at halftime of the Packers-Bears Thursday night season opener, so it's a quick and fun 15 minute mini-Polanco to kick off a fun NFL season!

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