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Mat Men: Major Vince McMahon allegations, Sasha Banks WWE release rumors

Andrew and Rich tackle Wednesday's bombshell report from the Wall Street Journal.
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On this edition of Mat Men, Andrew Zarian and Rich Stambolian are back after a week off to bring you the latest in pro wrestling news including what might turn out to be the industry's biggest story in years.

Vince McMahon is being investigated by WWE’s board of directors for allegedly paying hush money to a former employee. What is the latest and what are the possible implications going forward?

Reports are coming out that Sasha Banks has been released by WWE. Although we don’t have any official confirmation, we discuss what’s next for Mercedes Varnado if this is true.

We break down Wednesday's AEW Dynamite that featured a whole lot of Chris Jericho, haircuts, new alliances, and a heel turn we all saw coming. Also, we have thoughts on the Forbidden Door build as the pay-per-view is starting to take shape.

All this, your questions, and more! 

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