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FREE SHOW: Pacific Rim with Chris Jericho


It's a very special free edition of Pacific Rim with Fumi Saito's longtime friend Chris Jericho.

They've known each other since Chris' first tour of Japan for Frontier Martial Arts in 1991. Fumi and Jericho share stories of Chris' early tours in Japan, what it was like, what's different now, and what was challenging in days before instant communication.

In addition to sharing stories about Jericho's career and his thoughts on the industry, Chris also talks about last week's in-ring segment with MJF on AEW Dynamite, where it came from, the timing of it, and the priorities that are driving many of the things you are seeing on TV and PPV.

Fumi Saito is Japan's leading author, historian, and journalist on pro wrestling. Each week on Pacific Rim, Fumi provides context and his perspective on Japanese pro wrestling news and history

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