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Pacific Rim: Dave Meltzer, Fumi Saito & Jim Valley on Stardom, WWE, the battle in Japan


Image: Stardom

On this very special episode of Pacific Rim, Fumi Saito, Dave Meltzer, and I explain how the purchase of Stardom, a small Japanese company, could end up being a very influential move in the wrestling business.

You don't need to be a hardcore joshi fan to get something out of this show. There's a lot of information here. We spell out what makes Stardom important and why both Bushiroad and WWE wanted to buy it.

Fumi has known Stardom's founder Rossy Ogawa for decades. He explains the WWE offer Ogawa had on the table, how close he came to selling to WWE, and why, in the end, he chose Bushiroad.

The other part of the story is NXT Japan and how WWE seemingly doesn't have a plan in place to set it up. I think this show answers every possible question and also explains the history of Japanese women's wrestling and forces in place that could eventually make this a very historical move. 

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