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Pacific Rim: Dave Meltzer & Fumi Saito talk Japanese wrestling


From Tokyo, Japan, a very special episode of the Pacific Rim Pro Wrestling Podcast.

Fumi Saito and Jim Valley welcome Dave Meltzer to the show. After months of trying, Dave and Fumi are finally together on a podcast. Over an hour of discussion on Japanese wrestling history between two of the most respected journalists in pro wrestling. Topics include the January 2 Stardom show in Shinkiba, New Japan Pro Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, All Japan Women, Bull Nakano, Riki Choshu, Giant Baba, Antonio Inoki, and more.

Plus your questions on Kota Ibushi, All Japan and New Japan working together, Inoki and Baba teaming together, Riki Choshu jumping back to New Japan, Bruiser and Crusher in Japan, and what match both Dave and Fumi would like to see again. Each week Pacific Rim covers news in Japan and Japanese history exclusively on WON/F4W. 

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