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Pacific Rim: Dave Meltzer joins Fumi & Jim to preview WK week, much more


It's special edition of the Pacific Rim Pro Wrestling Podcast. Dave Meltzer joins Fumi Saito and Jim Valley less than a month away from Wrestle Kingdom 14 in Tokyo for some discussion about our coverage and audio shows subscribers can expect that week.

Fumi offers his thoughts along with Dave on the top Wrestle Kingdom matches, including the main events, Liger's last two matches, the history of Liger and Sano, Jericho and Moxley's future in NJPW, and what to expect from a Texas Death Match in Japan.

With the announcement of the 2019 Tokyo Sports Award winners, they offer their opinions on the winners and how the awards are seen in a digital world. Plus, Higuchi and Hattori as candidates for the WON HOF and 25 years later Fumi and Dave look back at a show they were at together: All Japan Women in Tokyo Dome. 

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