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Pacific Rim: The Destroyer's legacy in Japan


On this episode of the Pacific Rim Pro Wrestling Podcast, Fumi Saito and I share our memories of Dick Beyer, The Intelligent Sensational Destroyer, who just passed away at the age of 88, and discuss his incredible legacy in Japan.

The Destroyer was Rikidozan's last opponent. Two of Beyer's matches drew some of the highest television ratings in history. In 1969, he had arguably the best match of Giant Baba's career.

The Destroyer was such a mainstay that he moved his family to Japan. His kids went to school there and still speak and write fluent Japanese. Beyer also wrestled Inoki, Tsuruta, Mil Mascaras, and many others. But his popularity transcended professional wrestling. The Destroyer was a mainstream celebrity who appeared on comedy shows and in TV commercials. 

In addition, Fumi talks a little about the recent retirement announcement of Jushin Thunder Liger, his legacy, and what to expect in the last months of Liger's career. 

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