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Pacific Rim: Fumi and Jim in Tokyo


From Tokyo, Japan, less than a mile away from the Tokyo Dome, home of New Japan Pro Wrestling's Wrestle Kingdom 13, it's the Pacific Rim Pro Wrestling Podcast.

Fumi Saito and Jim Valley talk about all of their wrestling-related activities this week. Jim and Fumi describe Korakuen Hall and talk about its history. They go in-depth on the effective wrestling and booking of All Japan Pro Wrestling and discuss Akiyama, Fuchi, Kento Miyahara, Zeus, and more.

After two nights of Stardom women's wrestling, they discuss some of the top talent like Kagetsu and Jungle Kyona -- as well as promising rookies like Utami. In addition, they walk you through the incredible Giant Baba exhibit that includes all three original Triple Crown Championship title belts, World League trophies, All Japan posters, Giant Baba's boots, robe, and love letters to his wife. On top of that, Jim describes his shopping experience at the official New Japan store.  

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