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Pacific Rim: Fumi Saito's version of AWA Tales from the Territories

Based on his firsthand experience of being there, Fumi recaps his experiences with Jim Valley.

The Pacific Rim Pro Wrestling Podcast is back. 

When he was a teenager, Fumi Saito came to the United States as an exchange student in Minnesota. He covered and photographed the American Wrestling Association (AWA) for a Japanese wrestling magazine.

During that time, he became close friends with Adrian Adonis, Road Warrior Hawk, Jumbo Tsuruta, Masa Saito, and others. 

As a result, he has a unique, first-hand perspective on the recent AWA episode of Tales from the Territories. He even visited Mr. Saito while he was incarcerated for his role in the Ken Patera/McDonald's incident. In this case, being in prison may not be what you imagine. 

This is an interesting show. Check it out.

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