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Pacific Rim: Fumi's Killer New Year's Eve and birthday


Happy New Year from Tokyo. Spend New Year's Eve and his New Year's Day birthday with Fumi Saito as he and Jim Valley start the night at Killer Khan's restaurant and wrap up around 2 a.m. in Shinjuku.

Killer Khan is most famous in the United States for "breaking the ankle" of Andre the Giant, wrestling in Mid South, World Class, and a successful house show run with Hulk Hogan around 1987. Khan is a former sumo wrestler who also released singing albums in Japan.

Hear 2019 turn to 2020 as Fumi Saito turns a year older and gives wishes for pro wrestling, the New Year, and new decade ahead. We then walk to Hanazono Shrine for the traditional New Year's prayer and purification. Experience what it's like to spend New Year's Eve in Tokyo in about 23 minutes and prepare for more shows from Tokyo in the coming days. 

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