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Pacific Rim: Has Will Ospreay replaced Kenny Omega?


Fumi Saito was in Ryugoku for New Japan's Best of the Super Juniors finals. After seeing Will Ospreay's victory, he wonders if Ospreay has taken Kenny Omega's place in the hearts and minds of New Japan fans.

Fumi also has thoughts on the crowd's reaction to Jon Moxley. Before the show, Fumi did an interview with NJPW. He has an interesting story on a metric that Moxley is already moving. Plus, we talk about what's next for Shingo Takagi, Juice Robinson, and Jay White. We preview Dominion and talk Chris Jericho as "The Painmaker" and what it may mean for a relationship between New Japan and AEW.

In addition, we discuss Ultimo Dragon's return to Dragon Gate and his history with what is essentially the promotion he founded. Fumi also looks back at the life and legacy of Atsushi Aoki. And we answer an #AskFumi question about Kento Miyahara.

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