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Pacific Rim: Jumbo Tsuruta


Jumbo Tsuruta is one of the greatest wrestlers and biggest legends in the history of professional wrestling. On this edition of Pacific Rim, Fumi Saito and I go in-depth on the life, career, and legacy of Tsuruta.

From the Munich Olympics, to The Funks, All Japan, the AWA, and helping to build and establish Mitsuharu Misawa, learn all about Tsuruta's Hall of Fame career. Believe it or not, even with all of his accomplishments and incredible matches, Jumbo wasn't always completely accepted by the fans. Fumi talks about why and what happened to change that perception.

In addition, we look towards the Royal Rumble. We offer some predictions and talk about the Rumble's influence in Japan. In the past, did Japanese participants like Tenryu and Kabuki get any publicity back home for being in the Rumble? How did Nakamura and Asuka winning last year affect their perceptions from Japanese fans? 

Also, we need ideas on how to give away Fumi's vintage wrestling T-shirts.

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