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Pacific Rim: Liger-Suzuki, Japan WON HOF ballot, more


You saw the video of Minoru Suzuki ripping the mask off of Jushin Thunder Liger. On this episode of Pacific Rim, Fumi Saito tells the story of their history, their parallels in wrestling, and what their upcoming match means for both men.

In addition, we run down this year's Japan ballot for the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame, including Jun Akiyama, who is in danger of falling off of the ballot. We also talk about The Rock 'n' Roll Express wrestling for New Japan and the return of Ultimo Dragon to Dragon Gate.

Plus, your #AskFumi questions on Atsushi Onita, FMW, Onita Pro Wrestling, the legacy of Gran Hamada, whether Tenryu leaving All Japan Pro Wrestling in hindsight was the best thing for Giant Baba's company, the latest on Tenryu's health, and the legacy of Gran Hamada in both All Japan and New Japan Pro Wrestling.   

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