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Pacific Rim: New Japan vs. UWFI, 24 years later


October 9th is a very special anniversary in Japanese pro wrestling history: the date of the very famous 1995 NJPW vs UWFI card in the Tokyo Dome headlined by Keiji Muto vs. Nobuhiko Takada.

On this week's Pacific Rim, wrestling journalist and historian Fumi Saito talks about the history behind one of the most famous cards ever.

Following the reaction by fans in the arena to the main event of WWE's Hell in a Cell, we also look at the history of fan riots in Japan. (You might be surprised to hear that the first one dates back to 1962.)

Last week was big for wrestling in the U.S. so Fumi and I give our thoughts on Raw, AEW, SmackDown, and our difference of opinion on HIAC. We also talk about rumors surrounding NJPW's Harold Meij and Minoru Suzuki and the reasons those rumors are extremely unlikely. 

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