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Pacific Rim: Onita vs. Invader I, NOAH, SmackDown observations


We're back for another episode of the Pacific Rim Pro Wrestling podcast.

Fumi talks about his night out with Keiji Muto and others. In addition, we talk about Becky Lynch, the road to WrestleMania, Jim's observations attending SmackDown in Everett, Kendo Kashin at the WWE Performance Center, Giant Baba's "MMA" match with Raja Lion, the in-ring fight between Andre the Giant and Akira Maeda, the future of Pro Wrestling NOAH and the changes that are coming under new ownership, debunking rumors surrounding the Onita vs. Invader I Jose Gonzalez angle, and the IWGP championship title belts.

If you have a question you'd like answered on Pacific Rim, be sure to use #AskFumi. That makes it easier to find your question and use it on the show. 

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