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Pacific Rim: Paul Lazenby


It's a special episode of the Pacific Rim Pro Wrestling Podcast as Fumi Saito catches up with his long-time friend Paul Lazenby.

Fumi and Paul first met when Paul was a gaijin in the Pancrase dojo. Paul recounts how Fumi introduced himself and told Lazenby that he had a lot of potential. There is also an incredible story about the time Minoru Suzuki requested to test Paul on the mat, the punishment Lazenby took, how he realized it was a test, and how his relationship with Suzuki changed afterwards.

The interview covers Paul's early days, kickboxing, fighting, his pro wrestling career, acting, stunt work, and how he became the stunt double for Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

Paul has two books out: "When We Were Bouncers" and "When We Were Bouncers 2" and another on the way. You can follow Paul on Instagram @famousbouncers and on Twitter @MaulerMMA

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