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Pacific Rim: Perro Aguayo and the relationship between Mexico-Japan


Perro Aguayo Sr. made many tours of Japan and even won the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship there. On this episode of Pacific Rim, Fumi Saito and I talk about Aguayo's history in Japan.

After that, we segue into the long relationship between Japan and Mexico: from the many young wrestlers sent on excursions to those who left Japan on their own to train in Mexico like Ultimo Dragon. We also talk about Jun Akiyama stepping down as president of All Japan and what it may mean, quick reactions to the G1 Climax in Dallas, and the future of Lance Archer.

We also answer your #AskFumi questions about the best TV and ring announcers, Koji Kanemoto, Strong Style vs.King's Road Style, Wrestle 1, and more. Plus, you'll want to stay until the end for a spirited conversation about the potential and viability of WWE establishing NXT Japan.

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