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Pacific Rim: Sam Adonis, pro wrestling world traveler


While many are contracting with just one company, Sam Adonis is traveling the world as a professional wrestler, working in the U.S., Mexico, Japan and more.

On this episode of the Pacific Rim Pro Wrestling podcast, Adonis talks about his start in wrestling, headlining at Arena Mexico, how social media is affecting careers, and where he sees his own career going.

Perhaps best known for his pro-Donald Trump heel persona on lucha libre shows, he also talks about the pros and cons of the gimmick and how he's moving forward as his own person and persona.

He's shared locker rooms and rings with everyone from Negro Casas to Jerry Lawler to Kento Miyahara and has a very interesting perspective on audiences and the overall health of the wrestling business. If you are student of the wrestling business, you will want to listen to this interview available only on

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