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Pacific Rim: Stardom at Wrestle Kingdom 14, the decade in review


It's the last Pacific Rim of 2019 and the last before Fumi Saito, Dave Meltzer, and I begin our wrestling coverage from Tokyo next week.

In this episode, Fumi gives his thoughts on Stardom's dark match at Wrestle Kingdom 14 and the retirements of Hazuki and Kagetsu. In addition, he has a really interesting prediction for an unannounced match on January 5th that Minoru Suzuki fans might want to hear. He also talks about his most anticipated WK14 match.

But the show isn't just all Stardom and New Japan. We also talk All Japan, All Japan Women, and thoughts on the biggest stories of the decade and where Fumi sees the wrestling business headed in the next ten years. Plus, we answer your #AskFumi questions on Takagi, Evil, and Sanada. 

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