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Pacific Rim: Will Kenny Omega work both NJPW and AEW?


Photo credit: Toshi Kuramori

It's another packed episode of the Pacific Rim Pro Wrestling Podcast. Fumi Saito and I talk about Kenny Omega. Fumi offers his thoughts on why he thinks the odds are good that Omega will work for both NJPW and AEW in 2019. Plus, the winners of the Tokyo Sports Pro Wrestling Awards and some interesting phrasing Omega used when accepting his award that Fumi thinks is a clue about Omega's future.

In addition, the Tokyo Sports Rookie of the Year, Utami Hayashishita, now holds four championships in Stardom. We talk about her potential, and we talk about who is leaving Stardom and who can be the future stars for the all-female company. 

We discuss Chris Jericho's new deal that allows him to work for NJPW, Rush possibly working more regularly for New Japan, AEW's potential in Japan, new All Japan World Tag Team Champions, and answer your #AskFumi questions. Plus, we have some cool, vintage T-shirts to give away.

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