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Free Portland Wrestlecast: The legacy of 'Playboy' Buddy Rose


This weekend marks 10 years since the death of "Playboy" Buddy Rose.

If you only know Buddy from the Blow Away Diet in 1990 WWF, then this show is for you. I talk with Rich Patterson, longtime Portland Wrestling fan and Buddy's friend, about Rose's legacy. We talk about Buddy's feuds with Bull Ramos, Jesse Ventura, Jimmy Snuka, Dutch Savage, Roddy Piper, and more.

Plus, we discuss how Buddy helped bring talent into the territory who may not have otherwise worked in Portland.

With his recent induction into the WWE Legacy Hall of Fame, Rose's promotional video only covered two of his WWE runs. This show will fill in the gaps for Buddy's career. We cover Buddy's early life, his Portland highlights, and what his life was like after his full-time career ended. In addition, Rich tells a story about a gross thing Andre the Giant did to Buddy in a match.

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