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Portland Wrestlecast: The case for Don Owen in the WON HOF


If you are a voter in the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame, listen to this show before you cast your ballot. On this episode of the Portland Wrestlecast, I talk to three very well respected voices in wrestling who make the case that you should vote for Don Owen.

Tom Prichard worked for Don in 1984 and 1985. Every year he votes for Don Owen. He'll explain why and what it was like to work in the northwest.

For over 30 years, Mike Rodgers wrote the "Ring Around the Northwest" newsletter. He'll talk about Don's longevity and history.

Few people have researched attendance as thoroughly as historian Matt Farmer. He has attendance figures that will show that Owen has a history of drawing major crowds. After this show is done you will hear that Don Owen has the longevity, influence, and a track record for drawing that's worthy of being inducted into the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame. 

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