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Portland Wrestlecast: Don Owen and the WON HOF, Carl Styles part two


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On this week's Portland Wrestlecast, I look at how longtime Portland booker Don Owen came within just two votes from being inducted into the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame. I'm still shocked, but we have to talk about the 2019 "campaign" that was anything but and what to do next year to get him inducted.

We then transition to part two of my interview with Carl Styles, the centerpiece of some very entertaining booking by Len Denton and Roddy Piper that wasn't what Portland fans were used to back in 1989.

We talk about Piper, The Grappler, "Beetlegeuse" Art Barr, and Billy Jack Haynes who had returned to Owen and Portland Wrestling after his short-lived Oregon Wrestling Federation went out of business. The booking in Portland had changed and Styles was right in the middle of it. You can also help Styles pay for some medical bills via his GoFundMe page.

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