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Portland Wrestlecast free show: The biggest crowds & shows in territory history


Editor's Note: This is a free edition of the Portland WrestleCast.

With a huge crowd for Sunday's NXT TakeOver: Portland, this week's episode of the Portland WrestleCast looks at some of the biggest wrestling crowds in Portland from 1968 to present day WWE.

After looking at a some of the key events from the modern era, we go back to the last big Memorial Coliseum sellout that Portland Wrestling ever drew as 2020 marks the 35th anniversary of the Owen Family 60th anniversary extravaganza show. A sold out crowd that night saw Ric Flair, Billy Jack Haynes, the Road Warriors, Sgt. Slaughter, and more. Two months after the first Wrestlemania, Roddy Piper returned a hero as he faced Buddy Rose.

We have clips from a Don Owen TV interview where he's simultaneously honest and talking kayfabe. Plus, Piper talks about issues in 1985 that we still talk about today.

Finally, legendary Portland Wrestling announcer Don Coss returns as a guest to talk about behind the scenes happenings and his memories of the event. 

If you're new here, this show looks back at the Portland, Oregon, wrestling territory during its legendary run, powered by Don Owen. If you like what you hear, consider subscribing for this show, the Pacific Rim podcast which focuses on Japanese wrestling, Wrestling Observer Radio, Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan & Vinny, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and more.

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