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Portland Wrestlecast: 'Golden Boy' Jerry Grey on 1980s wrestling politics


The mid 1980s were a transitional time for Portland Wrestling as established stars like Billy Jack Haynes, Rip Oliver, and Buddy Rose were in and out of the territory.

Former wrestler Jerry Grey was there and seemingly caught in the middle of a political game between Billy, Rip, and Buddy. With Buddy reportedly going into the Legacy wing of the WWE Hall of Fame, Jerry joins this week's Wrestlecast to tell stories about "Playboy" during this period of Portland wrestling, what the crowds were like, and how fans reacted to wrestlers like Bobby Jaggers, "Mean" Mike Miller, and Ricky Vaughn (better known as Lance Von Erich) on top of the cards.

1985 was also the year of the first WrestleMania, so find out what it was like to be a territory wrestler in this era. 

Please consider helping with Jerry's medical expenses as he battles stage 4 colon cancer.

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