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Portland Wrestlecast: The legend of Tom and Gloria Peterson


Editor's Note: This is a free edition of the show. No subscription needed!

With catchphrases like "Wake Up!" and his famous flat-top haircut, Tom Peterson as synonymous with Portland Wrestling as Buddy Rose or Don Owen.

Tom and Gloria Peterson sponsored Portland Wrestling for almost 25 years. With the recent passing of Gloria at the age of 89, I look back on the legacy of two Portland legends on the latest Portland Wrestlecast, a weekly show focused on the Portland, OR, territory.

First, we talk with historian and Portland native Rich Patterson about what made Tom and Gloria such local icons. Then, Portland Wrestling announcer Don Coss talks about his personal relationship with the duo.

There were a couple of nights where things got crazy during interviews and Tom's merchandise was destroyed. One night, Tom turned lemons into lemonade, while on another night, he got legitimately angry and got revenge.

If you grew up in Portland, you will undoubtedly want to listen to this show that honors two icons of the city and Portland Wrestling.

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