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Portland Wrestlecast: A look at the PBS wrestling doc 'Savage'


It may be hard to imagine, but PBS once filmed a documentary at the Portland Sports Arena in the late 1970s for a fairly well-known movie called "Savage" that profiles Dutch Savage, Jesse Ventura, and The Iron Sheik.

There's no narrator or reporter. Rather, you simply see the angles unfold, the wrestlers in total kayfabe mode, and the comments from longtime fans provide a fascinating look into another era and what motivated the diehards to come to the matches.

As we continue talking with past guest, Portland photographer and fan Lloyd N. Phillips, I tie this movie into the conversation to give you a taste of the flavor of Portland Wrestling and to also discuss one of the most famous and successful tag teams in the territory's history: The Von Steiger Brothers and why Kurt and Karl were are so important. 

If you're new, be sure to check out the archives for dozens of hours of Portland Wrestling history.

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