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Portland Wrestlecast: The night Art Barr broke John Rambo's face


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On this episode of the Portland WrestleCast, wrestler and trainer John Rambo tells the story of the infamous night in 1994 when Art Barr, who was working in Mexico as American Love Machine at the time, came back to work a match with him. Instead of a worked pro wrestling match, John found himself on the receiving end of an intentional stiff shot that literally broke his face.

Hear why this happened and the history that led to one of the most notorious incidents in Pacific Northwest history.

John worked for Don Owen during the last days of the promotion and the Portland Wrestling TV show. He talks about the talent in the territory at the time like Billy Jack Haynes, "The Equalizer" Dave Sullivan, The Grappler, Buddy Rose, The Bruise Brothers, Scott Norton, Bryan "Crush" Adams, Bart Sawyer, Al Madril, and more.

Check out the archives for more compelling stories on the Portland Wrestlecast. 

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