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Portland Wrestlecast: Toni Rae Borne's marriage to Buddy Rose


There are bad people and abhorrent behavior in all walks of life, including professional wrestling. This episode of the Portland Wrestlecast may be too intense for some people. If you have been affected by domestic violence, you may want to skip this show. 

Toni Rae Borne grew up around the wrestling business. She's the daughter of Tough Tony Borne and sister of Matt Borne (a.k.a. Doink the Clown). For the first time, she talks about her brief real-life marriage to northwest legend Playboy Buddy Rose.

Toni goes into detail about how they met and the violence that surrounded their tumultuous relationship. There are police reports and newspaper articles outlining Rose's behavior. Now, in her own words, Toni Rae describes the physical and emotional abuse she suffered at the hands of Buddy Rose.This is a very serious interview about a real-life situation. 

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