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Josh Nason's Punch-Out episode 2: Jeremy Botter of Bleacher Report


Dan Henderson

Episode 2 of Josh Nason's Punch-Out is live and features Jeremy Botter of Bleacher Report, Houston Chronicle, and fame! In this hour-plus conversation, Josh and Jeremy jumped into a variety of topics that included:

- UFC Fight Night New Orleans and the potential for Dan Henderson to retire with a loss

- His upcoming feature on Conor McGregor and going to Ireland only to find Conor wasn't there

- His recent feature on Kimbo Slice and why Kimbo is still relevant

- What the UFC's new anti-drug policies and fighter health programs mean for the average fan and fighter

- Being an outspoken media member and how it's affected his relationships with UFC PR

- His love of NXT, Finn Balor, and how his media beginnings began in pro wrestling

- Scoops a'plenty and more.

Download now and tell your friends: episode 2 of #JNPO is here! (Also, apologies if the music stays in your head all day. It's catchy!) You can also subscribe to the show via our RSS feed.

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