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April 14 2009 Tough Talk

Tough Talk returns with Ali Sonoma and Martin Stapleton. First, Mike Sawyer and Oliver Copp talk about being in Houston live for WrestleMania, seeing Ricky Steamboat perform live, Kid Rock, Santina, Michaels-Undertaker and the balls Bill Watts had. Then, they move on to review last weekend’s Strikeforce show with Mike making a case for Shamrock and how he shouldn’t have been in the cage that night. Ali Sonoma then joins Tough Talk to talk about Hollywood and why she didn’t like it there, living in San Diego, dating Diego San, what she thinks of Arianny, Dana, Joe Rogan and why Chuck’s a gatekeeper and her opinion on Mike Goldberg. Then it’s a preview of UFC 97 including picks, and finally TUF9’s Michael Stapleton comes on to talk about his stint on TUF, Michael Bisping and the role he played in making UFC big in the UK, being in the Marines, why he thinks it’s good that everybody underestimates the Euros, cutting weight, the Browning brothers and prank calling Andre Winner with a true winning proposition. 97 minutes of MMA fun.

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