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December 2 2008 Tough Talk

Tough Talk returns today with the "Veteran Voice of the Octagon", the
one and only Bruce Buffer. Bruce speaks about his business background,
meeting his brother (yes, you read that correctly), creating a
400-million dollar licensing franchise around the phrase "Let’s Get
Ready To Rumble", what he thinks of UFC's merchandise agreement, the
advice he has for fighters regarding merchandising opportunities, the
real reason why he became UFC's ring announcer, his take on UFC's
ever-expanding schedule, who he thinks is the best ever and why, his
own martial arts background, screwing up Big Dan's name on live
television, why he got involed with Rumble Poker, his new videogame
for the Wii, UFC's upcoming game and yes... beating the shit out of
Frank Trigg. Then Oliver Copp and Mike Sawyer return with a preview of
WEC 37, the latest on UFC's expansion into Germany, the buzz on UFC 92
and whether or not Shonie showed up at the Penthouse Club. 70 fun
minutes all-in.

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