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February 17 2009 Tough Talk

Tough Talk returns tonight with Strikeforce’s reigning Heavyweight
Champion Alistair Overeem who talks very openly about who he is as a
person, how he got into RINGS, what it was like being chosen as the
guy to fight Chuck, what he took away from the fight and how a rematch
would go, whether he ever thought about quitting MMA and going back to
kickboxing, why he moved up to heavyweight and how his physique
changed, why his stamina is actually better now, his disappointment
with the second Belfort fight, whether the PRIDE pace was healthy,
differences in fighting in the US vs Holland or Japan, the Cro Cop
fight and where the rematch stands, who keeps ducking him, who his
team is currently negotiating with, life in Golden Glory and what
video games he plays. Then Mike Sawyer and Oliver Copp break down UFC
95 and the not-so-aptly named Wargods show. 85 minutes of MMA.

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