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January 13 2009 Tough Talk

Tough Talk returns with Jonathan Snowden and Tom "The Tank" Egan and
an all-round crazy show. UFC's youngest fighter, a true Irish native,
talks about growing up in and around Dublin, training with Ireland's
foremost fight team, his upcoming fight against John Hathaway at UFC
93 and how he is expecting it to go. Jonathan Snowden, author of the
critically-acclaimed MMA book "Total MMA" then joins the show to talk
about his book, the Yakuza, Dave Meltzer, what had to remain on the
cutting floor, thinking about releasing a second book, the X-rated
version of Lou Thesz' autobiography "Hooker", UFC's international
expansion and the options they have, Gina Carano, Ric Flair's
retirement, who will be UFC's biggest star in 2009, Michael Bisping's
chances against Anderson Silva and how the BJ Penn-GSP fight is going
to go. Mike Sawyer and Oliver Copp then turn to UFC 93 and where they
see it going, Coleman's chances against Shogun, Peter North's big
party at the Penthouse Club and what you wouldn't have wanted to touch
there, a former UFC champion getting thrown out of the club after
pulling guard in a fight and a whole lot more. 110 minutes of MMA.

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