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June 1 2009 Tough Talk

Tough Talk returns with the one and only Dave Meltzer joining the show
to break down the upcoming Strikeforce and WEC events. We discuss why
Brett Rogers could spell disaster for Andrei Arlovski's career, what
the real Strikeforce main event is, what disadvantages Scott Smith is
going into the fight with, what Jake Shields will have to do to win
his fight against Robbie Lawler, training at the HIT Squad and where
that particular team's problems lie, what happens if Urijah Faber
loses again to Mike Brown, who might be next for the winner and why
Dave will be more tense when watching the WEC show than the
Strikeforce show. Then, the talk turns to WWE and its problems of
making new talent, UFC 99, the Cro Cop situation and the latest
developments in Germany. 123 minutes of MMA and pro wrestling.

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