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March 30 2009 Tough Talk

Tough Talk returns with its 50th episode today and is joined by none
other than Michael “The Count” Bisping who recounts his experiences on
the set and talks about having a little bit too much to drink, why he
wanted to coach so much, the advantages of having been in the house,
what he sees himself doing when he retires, the talent level of the
English and the European fighters, whether he would consider losing to
Dan Henderson on purpose so he didn’t have to face Anderson Silva,
what would need to be done to beat the champ, being the person coming
closest to beating Rashad and whether he wants a rematch, how he got
together with Rampage and Kongo, gives Mike the cold shoulder when
asked about a theme music for the Wolfslair (with the options being a
band he loves and a band he absolutely hates), talks about getting
cheered and booed and what he makes of it, how close he came to
tapping to Elvis, Chris Leben’s substance issues, MATT HAMILL~! and
what happened when he last talked to Noah Inhofer (aka the guy who
quit TUF to be with a girl). Then, Mike Sawyer and Oliver Copp give
their opinions on the upcoming Ultimate Fight Night. 50th episode – 50

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