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October 21 2008 Tough Talk

Tough Talk returns today with an exclusive interview with UFC's Vice
President of Government and Regulatory Affairs, Marc Ratner. Marc
touches on many topics, from what family business he used to work in
before working for the NSAC, why he went on Larry King with
Sen. McCain to bury UFC in 1995, what he thinks of women's MMA, what
his experience was in dealing with the various characters in boxing
and wrestling, UFC at Madison Square Garden, his thoughts on Jim
Lampley and the other hardcore boxing zealots, what difficulties he
has faced in bringing UFC to Europe, who failed his drug test in
Belfast, where he stands on the Montreal Screwjob, what he thinks
about Bret's autobiography, Ric Flair's retirement ceremony and more.
Other topics covered after the interview's conclusion are UFC 89 and
its fallout, Patrick Cote's chances against Anderson Silva, EliteXC's
demise and last but not least Enson Inoue getting arrested in Japan on
possession charges. 65 minutes of MMA with some pro wrestling added.

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