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We're Live, Pal: Live at Raw, WarGames is coming, AEW Grand Slam predictions

GG and Andrew are back on We're Live, Pal the day after GG attended RAW live.

It's a brand new episode of We're Live, Pal.

Andrew Zarian and I are back to talk about all the news in wrestling.

First, we go over RAW, which I attended live. I talk about all the things not shown on TV and how different a live RAW taping is compared to years ago.

Also, on the topic board:

  • How Triple H is undoing a lot of things Vince McMahon did
  • WarGames is coming to Survivor Series
  • Tony Khan's comment about New York City being the crown jewel
  • The AEW Grand Slam Card
  • Who wins between Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley

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