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We're Live, Pal: More on Stephanie McMahon's departure from WWE

Andrew and GG also talk about Cody Rhodes and the AEW World title situation.

It's a brand new episode of We're Live, Pal.

Andrew Zarian is back to follow up on the Stephanie McMahon story.

We wonder why Stephanie is being talked about negatively after taking a leave of absence from WWE and how it could be a changing of the guard at the company.

We talk about Cody Rhodes' injury and what WWE will do now to create a top babyface. 

Lastly, we look at the World title picture at AEW after CM Punk's injury and go over the scenario scheduled for AEW Dynamite and NJPW Dominion.

Enjoy the latest We're Live, Pal, in podcast form below or on YouTube above.

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