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The Eyada Years: Bobby Heenan & Dave Meltzer


On the breaking news audio on the death of Bobby Heenan, our Dave Meltzer referenced an interview he did with Bobby Heenan and Frank Shamrock years ago which we're happy to provide to you thanks to the great work of one of our subscribers.

The interview is from February 23, 2001, on the old Wrestling Observer Live Eyada show Dave and Bryan Alvarez reference frequently. The near two hour show features Shamrock -- who was then preparing for a fight -- and Heenan, who called in and talked for 90 minutes. 

Highlights of the interview that begins at the 32 minute mark include:

- Heenan’s thoughts on what he would do if given the reigns to WCW as he had left by this point

- Thoughts on Eric Bischoff dropping women from WCW

- Thoughts on working with Vince Russo

- Who Heenan thought the best announcers in the business wer

- Why managing turned into a lost art

- His experience calling the WBF, walking off Arsenio Hall, the XFL, Andre stories, and more.

Enjoy this entertaining interview now.

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