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WOL: Cauliflower Alley convention talk with Sempervive & Jim Valley


Wrestling Observer Live with Mike Sempervive is back -- now without Bossman. Well, just for today. But, never fear, just back from the annual Cauliflower Alley Club convention, Jim Valley joins us to talk all about the 53rd edition of the most famous reunion and benevolence event in ringed sport.
Mike is joined by Jim Valley where they talk about the Cauliflower Alley Club and talks about the history of the organization as well as what went down at this year’s event.

After the break, Valley talks more about himself and what he does. There’s also talk about boxers being involved with Cauliflower Alley and the list of award winners from this year’s event.

The third segment has talk about the Future Star award, seminars for aspiring pro wrestlers, Dave Meltzer’s association with the CAC and his award last year, the Pacific Rim podcast with Fumi Saito, NJPW, Chris Jericho plus more.


Start - 2:21: Intro
2:21 - 11:50: Jim Valley on Cauliflower Alley
11:50 - 26:09: Boxers, award recipients from this year’s event
26:09 - 37:14: Future star award, Dave Meltzer’s award from last year
37:14 - end: Closing moments

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