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WOL: Fans are still mad about WWE Backlash


Wrestling Observer Live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Sempervive is back today with tons to talk about including fallout from Monday's WWE Raw that was actually pretty good. But, fans are still so upset about Sunday's Backlash that all they want to do is complain.

The first segment has talk about Raw and qualifying matches for Money in the Bank. There’s also talk if they’ll have Roman Reigns headline Money in the Bank, even though he may not be in the ladder match.

After the break there’s more talk about the bad booking on Raw and WWE in general and how it could bite them in the butt someday, even though by business measures there really are no problems. There’s also talk on matches feeling more special and some discussion on Ember Moon and her promo from last night.

Bobby Lashley’s odd promo talking about his sisters starts the third segment. Other points of discussion are on Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Jinder Mahal, WWE’s television, Global Wrestling Network, Miz as a worker and WWE’s rewriting of history.


Start - 2:27: Intro
2:27 - 11:52: Raw
11:52 - 23:18: WWE business vs. WWE booking
23:18 - 36:59: Calls and texts
36:59 - end: Bryan on The Miz

This was a fun show as always so check it out!~!

Listen now.

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