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WOL: Lacey Evans loves the fans while Seth Rollins does not


On Wrestling Observer Live Saturday, we look at the results from the NWA Hard Times PPV, the title changes, use of veterans and the outstanding young talent.

From there, we look at Saturday's WWE Worlds Collide event, why it's not generating a lot fan interest, and the possible outcomes for for Sunday's Royal Rumble.

Highlights from Smackdown on Fox include Miz and Morrison, the contract signing between The Fiend and Daniel Bryan, and the push of Lacey Evans continues with a one-on-one interview with Michael Cole. With criticism that Lacey isn't a strong enough wrestler, I talk about why her ability level right now isn't that important.

Finally, in a baffling interview in a San Antonio newspaper, Seth Rollins says the audience looks for things to pick apart and that's why the hardest job is being a babyface. Looking at the successes of the Jericho Cruise, Wrestle Kingdom and AEW, is it really?

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