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WOL: The postmortem of Monday's Raw, your calls, more


It’s a surprise SOLO SEMP edition of Wrestling Observer Live and, as always, there’s a lot to talk about. Unfortunately, a lot of that has to do with last night’s Raw.

It was a perplexing affair. A new announcer training on the job, Charlotte returns with a vengeance, the stupidest finish to a match you could ever ask for, a main event announced over two hours into the program, geek Riddle, Damian Priest was schoolboyed by a man with his pants around his ankles, which team lost to one man better, and -- yes -- DUELING DEMONIOS. One for each side of the roster. Oh boy.

Plus, tonight’s NXT lineup, AEW Dynamite, your calls, and much more. It’s a fun show as always, so check it out~!

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