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WOL Saturday: An awesome SmackDown


After a very newsworthy week for WWE, the company pulled out all of the stops and delivered not just the best episode of SmackDown since it moved to FOX, but the best show in recent memory.

After a few brief comments about the controversial week, I segue into the NXT invasion (TakeOver?) of SmackDown. On its own, a remarkable show. It's even more remarkable when you consider the surrounding events and the fact NXT talent arrived at the arena at the last possible minute. It played out in a very natural, episodic nature.

The new talent also delivered. Keith Lee, Adam Cole, Rhea Ripley, and everyone from NXT looked like stars. We've seen WWE give up on invasion storylines before. I have some thoughts on why this one may finally be the one that plays out to a satisfying conclusion. The best build to Survivor Series in years. 

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