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WOL Saturday: Cody's promo vs. CM Punk's 'pipe bomb'


Full Gear is not only AEW's first pay-per-view since it's been on TNT, it also has the potential to be a historic moment in pro wrestling. Depending on the buyrate and the reaction to the booking, it will either be a strong foundation to business going forward or a point where we can look back to where fans lost faith in the product.

I compare Cody's promo to CM Punk's 'pipe bomb.' The 'pipe bomb' is a famous moment for a generation of wrestling fans, but how much money did it draw? Did it have an effect on WWE business at the time? The buyrate of SummerSlam 2011 may surprise you. I also draw comparisons to King Corbin's awful opening segment on Friday Night SmackDown from Manchester, England.

Plus, a preview of the Full Gear card, the build, potential outcomes, and what could come next for AEW.  

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