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WOL Saturday: Daniel Bryan, the '90s, SmackDown


It's the Saturday edition of Wrestling Observer Live with Jim Valley.

SmackDown started with a possible kidnapping and ended with Roman Reigns being force-fed dog food. Ever since SmackDown moved to Fox, it feels like it has gotten a lot less serious. Maybe even childlike. If it's going to go that far, there is only one way to pay off the Daniel Bryan storyline. The main event of WrestleMania should be Daniel Bryan vs. Daniel Bryan. The '90s are hot. It is time to recreate Undertaker vs. Undertaker from SummerSlam 94. 

Also, a caller who loves data calls in and offers his analysis of his own TV ratings numbers, the mistakes he thinks we are making, and what could be a problem for NXT in the future. In addition, AEW, Orange Cassidy, and how anyone can be a character and being a character isn't special. 

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